BirdGard # 75

  • Model: BG Pro # 75

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From an agricultural perspective starlings are a menace. There is a resident population of starlings in the UK and Ireland all year round however huge flocks will migrate from eastern Europe during late autumn and all through winter.

Starlings will:

  • Consume vast amounts of livestock feed
  • Contaminate feed through their droppings
  • Spread diseases such as salmonella through contaminated feed
  • Create a mess and are unhygienic

Help avoid costly feed loss, animal sickness and vets bills and damage caused through mess and soilage.

BirdGard™ repels nuisance birds by combining their distress calls, danger calls and harassment sounds with the sounds of predator birds specific to their species. This creates a hostile environment and causes the birds to relocate to a safer location. BirdGard™ is humane, effective and inexpensive. To visit the BirdGard™ website click here.

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